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Transitions 21 Provides Comprehensive Services:

  • Employment evaluations and job coaching
  • Counseling individuals to identify work interests, aptitudes, and future occupational trends
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Assessments–identifying viable gainful work options after physical or psychological injuries or conditions/ treatments/ or work options after economic dislocation
  • Occupational impact after medically based functional capacities determinations
  • Return to work, re-training, and rehabilitation recommendations
  • Reasonable work site accommodations vs. undue hardship on prospective employers
  • Standardized Vocational Testing–both the administration and interpretation of scores
  • Transferable Skills Analysis–identifying skills and knowledge useful in other job sectors
  • Labor Market Access via research or surveys–based upon current U.S. Dept. of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics, state, local and related employment data sources
  • Individualized Rehabilitation Plan–bridging the gap between work barriers and suitable employment
  • Attorney case consultations, analysis, and recommendations
  • Vocational Expert witness testimony-live appearance in courtroom, deposition, or by videotape
  • Determination of employment prospects in today’s economy and expected earnings potential
  • Assisting with implementing technology for enhanced work efficiency/ case management productivity
James E. Israel, CRC, LPC, CVE, NCC
Certified Rehabilitation Counselor
National Board Certified Counselor
11628 Old Ballas Road, Suite 339
Saint Louis, Missouri 63141
(314) 432-2805